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The Oklahoma Private Investigators Association, Inc., or O.P.I.A., was formed in 1984 to increase public and industry awareness, promote the interests and raise the professional standards of the Private Investigation Profession in Oklahoma. O.P.I.A. is dedicated to being an educational, social and political organization for the enhancement of its members. Since its inception, O.P.I.A. has been instrumental in protecting the profession from unfair legislation while, at the same time, sponsoring legislation that is healthy for the industry. The Association's legislative activities have already made O.P.I.A. the strongest political voice in Oklahoma for the investigative profession.

Association press releases, advertising, newsletters, and public relations will serve to educate the public of the services and high standards of practice to which members of O.P.I.A. adhere. As a member, you will benefit from educational seminars, be kept abreast of new or potential legislation, and make new valuable friends and business contacts.

Please take this opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with other professional investigators in Oklahoma by joining the Oklahoma Private Investigators Association, Inc. Oklahoma continues to be a model for other states licensing laws, which proves that together, our membership will create the standard others will strive to achieve.

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